First Thing First – 2

Hello there. Now that the basics are covered in last post, let’s jump on essentials.

  • Oil : As an Indian, we all have shared this one thing in common. Oiling hair. While these oils could be really great for your scalp, it doesn’t help your hair. We tend to use extra shampoo for hair wash to take out the applied oil which straps out existing natural oils from hair. I would recommend very light oils for hair like Argan Oil or elixirs. They are very light on hair and you won’t dry your hair while taking it out. (No offence to Nanis & Dadis).
  • Hair Mask : Build a habit of applying hair masks once a week. Hair masks can be homemade or ready made. The key is to know your hair condition and choosing one which will be beneficial for your hair.
  • Regular Haircut : Integrity of hair is mostly compromised at the ends because of lack of nourishment. To keep your hair look healthy, it is important to trim your hair every 3 months. However,if you want to maintain your current haircut, you should visit a salon for the re-shape after 2 months from the first cut.
  • Do’s and Don’ts : Use to anti- dandruff shampoo twice a month to avoid dandruff. Ensure your hair are 100% dry before tying them up. Do not tie you hair tight into a ponytail everyday. Keep switching your hair parting.

That’s all for today guys.

Prachina signing off!


First Things First – 1

Hello there. Let’s start from basics.

I have seen people following really amazing skin care routine, but have you considered having a hair care routine? And no, oiling your hair once a while is not hair care routine.

Everybody is going to have different hair care routine just like for skin. So I will be talking about very basic things to understand how to decide a hair care routine. (I will be splitting it to avoid the lengthy post.)

  • Shampoo : Shampoo only twice or thrice a week. Decide what shampoo to use depending on condition of your scalp e.x. If you have dry scalp use moisturizing shampoo, if you have flaky scalp use anti-dandruff shampoo. and so on. (L’Oréal, TRESemmé, Himalaya Herbal, Biotique, Dove, Bblunt, etc.)
  • Conditioner : Never skip conditioner. Always apply conditioner to ends first and then move up to mid length but never on the roots. If you hair feels dry or frizzy, go for that extra moisturizing conditioner. If you hair fall flat after the wash use volumizing conditioner.
    (L’Oréal, TRESemmé, Himalaya Herbal, Biotique, Dove, Bblunt, etc.)

Note : It’s not necessary to stick to the same category of shampoo and conditioner. If required, you can always miss-match shampoo and conditioner. Ex. If your scalp is oily but hair feels dry at ends, use shampoo which is meant for oily scalp and moisturizing conditioner instead of using the default conditioner that comes with shampoo.

  • De-tangle : De-tangle hair with wide tooth comb when the conditioner is still on. Take small sections of hair and start combing from ends then move to mid length and then to the roots. This will save the struggle, time and your hair as it will be gentle and quicker.
  • Leave in cream or serum : Leave in creams and serums serve various purposes depending upon which one you choose. To protect hair, tame the frizz or add more shine consider using leave in cream or serum. Use it on towel dry hair. Let your hair dry naturally if possible.
    (L’Oréal, Biotique, Bblunt, Khadi Natural etc.)
  • Using styling tools : Before using tools likes hairdryers, irons or tongs always use heat protectants. When using dryer, move it in downward motion. This will ensure the cuticles aren’t damaged and will make your hair look shinier. While using irons and tongs, proceed only when your hair are 100% dry.

That’s all for today. As I mentioned earlier, there will be one more post about hair care routine.

Prachina signing off!